SICCI Journey



The Chamber has its humble beginnings through the efforts of a few dedicated Indian businessmen who set out in 1924 to organise the Indian mercantile community in Singapore and set up the Indian Merchant Association (IMA). Though Indian merchants had been active in trade and commerce in this part of the world from time immemorial, the historic developments that followed the arrival of Stamford Raffles in Singapore in 1819 gave a fillip to their activities.

Eleven years later, on 26 August 1935, when Mr R Jumabhoy was President of the IMA, the Association’s name was officially changed to the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC). It then became an entity that was exempted from registration under Ordinance 116 (Societies) of Malaya. On 27 September 1937, a ‘Certificate of Incorporation’ under the Companies Ordinance was issued to the ICC.

The ICC changed its name to the Indian Chamber of Commerce (SICC) in 1971 to reflect the changing nature of its compositions and focus. A further change in name took place in 1991 when the SICC was renamed the Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

The Chamber’s Premises

The IMA, at the time of its conversion to the ICC, was located in a small rented room in an old building in Malacca Street, where the Republic Plaza now stands.

In 1937, with its incorporation, the Chamber relocated to another rented but far more spacious premise at 4 Raffles Quay. However, in 1953, when the site was acquired to establish the present Ascott The Residence (former Asia Insurance Building), the Chamber had to move out to yet another rented place at No 94B Robinson Road.

In 1963, the Chamber moved into its very own premises, a three-storey building at 55 Robinson Road. These premises were acquired after the Chamber sold the property that it had bought at 41 Market Street as early as 1949, but could not occupy as its tenant refused to move out. This property, unfortunately, was ultimately acquired by the Singapore government for urban redevelopment.

In 1984, the Chamber acquired a modern office space in Tong Eng Building in Cecil Street. The office space was well equipped with a trade Documentation centre, conference and seminar facilities and library.

In 2007, the Chamber acquired its current premises, a three-and-a-half storey conservation property, at 31 Stanley Street. This acquisition more than doubled the working space for the SICCI Secretariat, and after extensive renovations, provided state-of the-art facilities. This shift has also enabled the SICCI to set up its Enterprise Development Centre which was later renamed SME Centre@SICCI since 1 April 2013, an entity which has helped to integrate the Chamber’s activities and foster enterprise development, especially amongst its small-medium enterprise members.

  • Past Presidents/Chairmen
    • The SICCI Board of Directors has had the privilege of being chaired by successful and prominent members of the Singapore Indian community. Each of these leaders, with support from their Boards, has played a catalyst role in helping SICCI develop into a premier chamber of commerce and industry.Since 1935, 19 committed and dedicated individuals have been Presidents or Chairmen of the Chamber with several of them serving as for more than one term.

      President/Chairman Years
      Mr R Jumabhoy 1935, 1940, 1941, 1946-1948,1950, 1953 and 1954
      Mr M Jumabhoy 1936 and 1937
      Mr G Maganlal 1938 and 1939
      Mr Hardial Singh 1949
      Mr D T Assomull 1951, 1952, 1955-1957 and 1962
      Mr K M Abdul Razak 1958-1961 and 1963-1965
      Mr G Ramachandran 1966-1968,1973-1974, 1982-1984, 1985-1986
      Mr Roop K Vaswani 1970-1972
      Mr D D Sachdev 1969 and 1975-1977
      Mr J M Jumabhoy 1978-1982
      Mr Rupchand J Bhojwani 1986-1990
      Mr Tikamdas R Mulani 1990-1992
      Mr Murli K Chanrai 1992-1996
      Mr Dau Dayal Gupta 1996-2000
      Mr Nitin B Doshi 2000-2002
      Mr Shabbir Hassanbhai 2002-2004
      Mr M Rajaram 2004-2008
      Mr Vijay Iyengar 2008-2010
      Mr R Narayanamohan 2010-2014
      Dr R Theyvendran, PBM 2014-2016
      Dr R Theyvendran, PBM 2016-to date
  • Past Secretariat
    • The SICCI Secretariat leadership is vital in ensuring the continued progress and development of the Chamber. Reporting to the Board of Directors, the head of the SICCI Secretariat is responsible for the day-to-day functioning of the Chamber. Working closely with the Board, the management team and the rest of the SICCI Secretariat team, he is responsible for developing programmes and initiatives, and bringing them to fruition for the benefit of the SICICI membership.

      Secretariat Heads Designation Years
      Mr N M Mehta Secretary 1936
      Mr G B Nair Acting Secretary 1937
      Mr J M Dorai Raj Secretary 1946-1954
      Mr P S Rajaratnam Secretary 1955-1958
      Mr A K Issac Secretary 1959-1965
      Mr Syed Aljunied Acting Secretary 1966
      Mr S N Dorai Secretary 1967-1978
      Mr George Abraham Executive Director 1979-2002
      Mr Predeep K Menon Chief Executive Officer 2003-2009
      Mr Hernaikh Singh Chief Executive Officer 2010-2012
      Mr K Barathan Chief Executive Officer 2013-2014
      Mr George Abraham Consultant Chief Executive Officer 2014-2015
      Mr Malminder Singh Executive Director 2015-2015
      Mr Sunil Peter Chief Executive Officer 2017-to date

SICCI Subsidiaries