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Directory of Indian Companies in Singapore  

Following its successful launch in 2006, SICCI is releasing the second edition of the Directory of Indian Companies in Singapore. The Chamber is pleased to have ANZ Bank as the main sponsor and the High Commission of India in Singapore as a sponsoring partner for this important and timely publication.


In recent times, there has been a phenomenal growth of the India-based business community in Singapore. This is the result of a strong pick-up in India-Singapore bilateral trade. The signing of the India-Singapore Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement in 2005 and the subsequent amendments made have provided a further fillip for Indian companies to set up operations in Singapore. The city state has excellent infrastructure facilities, managerial and technical expertise, and great connectivity to the region and beyond. It is estimated that there are more than 4,000 Indian companies in Singapore. The growing number of Indian companies in Singapore has certainly created a strong and positive impact on the Singapore socio-economic landscape.


SICCI took extensive effort to identify and list many more Indian companies in this edition. In listing the companies in the directory, we defined an Indian company as one that is incorporated in Singapore by an Indian and/or its shareholding is held by an Indian company, or held through a tax haven company, or any other intermediary company owned by Indians or an Indian company; and its shares are held by Indians residing in India or in Singapore. The directory will have the details of more than 2,500 companies, compared to 950 in the first effort.


The directory is an useful source of contact for businessmen outside of Singapore. It provides an important opportunity for international businesses to gain a deeper understanding of the huge potential offered by Indian companies in Singapore and the important role that Singapore can play in linking Indian companies to regional and international businesses and vice-versa.


The current directory is sold out. The next edition of the Directory of Indian Companies in Singapore will be released in 2016




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