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HR Series: Creating a Learning Culture to Boost Business Results

Ever faced with a situation where your company has plans to grow but do not seem to have the required talent or expertise? How about times where you have budget but still unable to help your employees grow professionally? Or perhaps, you actually want to help your employees upgrade but…

Brand Building in the Digital Age

This master class introduces the concept of brand building in the connected economy. The course will provide a new perspective on branding which is highly relevant for today's businesses and their environment. It will also cover the essential components of how strong brands are built and nurtured. it will provide…

Structuring Your Business to Expand Overseas

Part I: BUSINESS MODELS FOR OVERSEAS GROWTH Synopsis: Learn about growing your business through through feasible business models for your business. • Franchising • Licensing • Distribution • Joint Venture / Direct Investment Part II: SETTING UP BUSINESS IN INDONESIA Synopsis: From finding partners to setting up, learn about the…

Talk on Cyber Security

Cyber Security Threats & Counter Measures ICT International (S'Pore) Pte Ltd In Assoiciation with Z|E|N|3|7 Registration: 2.30pm

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