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Structuring Your Business to Expand Overseas
25 Jul 2017 Time: 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Part I: BUSINESS MODELS FOR OVERSEAS GROWTH Synopsis: Learn about growing your business through through feasible business models for your business. • Franchising • Licensing • Distribution • Joint Venture / Direct Investment Part II: SETTING UP BUSINESS IN INDONESIA Synopsis: From finding partners to setting up, learn about the different and feasible approached in doing business in Indonesia to grow your brand. • Trends In Indonesia: Demographics and Consumer behaviour • From A to Z: The entire cycle of finding an Indonesian business partner **This seminar is complimentary.**

Speaker Details
  • Mr. Toh Puay Yong / Mr. David Ho
  • Capital Strategic Group
  • Puay Yong has participated in the regional growth of companies ranging from retail to education to IT, via various business models, as part of the senior management team. As an accountant by training, he has also advised businesses on the financial and tax considerations of corporate / transaction structure. He has to-date advised numerous SMEs to pre-listing corporations. Starting with a music school in Singapore, David grew the business with a franchise locally and in Cambodia as well as Indonesia and eventually established a consulting company, Eastern Franchise Group Pte Ltd with its mission to help companies establish overseas successfully. From F&b to retail, education to security, he has helped companies find partners, set up successfully and helped them understand the intricacies of setting up business in the region.

Seminar Room, Level 2,
SICCI Building, 31 Stanley Street
- 068740

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