SME Centre @ SICCI

The Small & Medium Enterprise Centre (SME Centre@SICCI), a subsidiary of SICCI, was set up, in collaboration with SPRING Singapore, in 2008. 

The Centre assists start-ups and established SMEs enhance their capabilities through the provision of value-added services such as business & productivity advisory, business diagnostic assessment and capability workshops. 

It also works closely with government agencies such as SPRING Singapore, International Enterprise Singapore, Infocomm Development Authority and Workforce Development Authority to help enterprises develop a better understanding of available government assistance schemes. 

Services and Activities

  • Networking Opportunities 
    • Backed by a diverse and rapidly-expanding SICCI membership, SME Centre@SICCI acts as an ideal platform for networking and developing business contacts. It also plays an instrumental role in organising regular workshops, thereby enabling its members, clients and partners to participate in forums that provide business knowledge and key insights.

  • Capability Development
    • The Centre conducts relevant training sessions to enable companies enhance their core competitiveness. It focuses on such areas as brand development, marketing, cash-flow management, intellectual property management, technology innovation, and business excellence. In collaboration with strategic institutional partners, SME Centre@SICCI also facilitates the exchange of industry expertise.

  • Business Advisory Services
    • SME Centre@SICCI provides business advisory services on relevant government grants and schemes for companies in areas such as financial and legal management, business excellence, technology innovation and overseas expansion. By understanding the companies’ operations and plans, the Centre is able to identify relevant government grants for their consideration.

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