Trade Documentation

The SICCI Trade Documentation Division at SICCI is authorised by Singapore Customs to issue, endorse and certify Certificates of Origin and other shipping documents.

The Chamber issues these certificates and documents for locally-manufactured and re-export goods, and direct shipment from a second to third country.

Services and Activities

  • Certificates of Origin and Shipping Documents
    • A Certificate of Origin is an important international trade document attesting that goods in a particular export shipment have been wholly obtained, produced, manufactured or processed in a particular country. It is also a declaration by the exporter.The Certificate of Origin may be requested by Customs administrations, importers, freight forwarders or banks for clearance of Letters of Credit.The issuance of the Certificate of Origin is an important function of the Chamber in international trade. The majority of governments and governing agencies regionally and internationally rely on the network of the Chamber in this respect due primarily to its knowledge, expertise and credible track record.The fee for this Certificate is S$9.00* for SICCI members and S$12.00* for non-SICCI members (inclusive of GST), which includes a set of four copies.Express Service for Certificate of Origin is offered at S$16.00* for SICCI Members and S$19.00* for non-SICCI members (inclusive of GST).
  • Electronic Certificate of Origin (ECO)
    • The Chamber provides online application for Certificates of Origin with effect from 1st October 2013. ECO eliminates travelling time and reduces paperwork and hence allows you to enjoy significant savings in time and cost. You can print the certified CO directly at your office. The fee for this Certificate is S$9.00 for Members and S$12.00 for Non-Members (inclusive of GST), which includes a set of four copies.

      You can apply for the ECO by registering with SICCI through email

  • Trade Net
    • The Trade Documentation Division also processes Inward and Outward Permits (also known as Cargo Clearance Permit) through the use of TradeNet. This is an electronic data interchange network which enables documents to be transmitted electronically to government authorities for approval.

      The Chamber’s members are levied a concessionary fee of S$17.00* while non-SICCI members are required to pay a fee of S$20.00* for this service(inclusive of GST).

  • Non-Standard Documents
    • The Chamber also endorses non-standard documents (up to a maximum of 3 copies) on a case-by-case basis for SICCI members and non-SICCI members. The fee for this specialised service is S$ 53.50.

      Competitive Rates and Express Service

      In normal circumstances, SICCI endeavours to issue, endorse and certify Certificates of Origin on the same day of their submission.

      The service is available to both SICCI members and non-SICCI members. However, the former can avail to it at concessionary rates.

      SICCI members can also access the ‘Express Service’ counter at the Chamber. This counter has been specially set up to process urgent Certificates of Origin within 10 minutes of their submission. This quick endorsement and certification is vital for businesses that need to make the declaration on an urgent basis and to ship the goods almost immediately.

      Prompt and Professional Service

      The application for the issuance, endorsement and certification of Certificate of Origin and other shipping documents is dealt with by authorised SICCI staff in the most prompt and professional manner, and in strict confidentiality.

      The staff at SICCI Trade Documentation have many years of service and are highly proficient in their work. Companies can rest assured that they are in good hands at SICCI’s Trade Documentation Division.

      Quick and Easy

      The Chamber is conviniently located in the heart of Singapore’s bustling central business district and is easily accessible by public or private transport. Situated on the first floor of the Chamber, SICCI Trade Documentation conducts its operations from a nice, elegant and modern office, which provides much comfort and convinience to those availing its services.

Working Hours

The working hours of the Trade Documentation Department has been extended to begin early and to close later than usual.  The revised timings are with effect from 17th April 2017.

8.30 am to 7.00 pm (Monday to Friday)

Closed on Saturday Sunday & Public Holidays

We trust that the extended time will help our members/customers to expedite the turnaround time of their documents and help facilitate the growth of their business.

You can be assured that our friendly staff will be available to render quality services for your documents.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact the staff-in-charge.  Please call 62222855 Ext 150/151/152 or send an email to

* These prices are effective from 1 Oct 2013

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